Thursday, October 1, 2009

Max Makes More Movies

(there, no one can accuse me of not liking alliteration)

We finally loaded Max's Star Wars stop-go animation movies onto YouTube. They mostly involve clone troopers doing very silly things that cause great hilarity amongst the younger set in this house. I think this is the first three he made (I think he made these in late spring). I was deeply amused to discover that there are a lot of people out there who like to call themselves Stormavenger. Ahem.

Warning: a shark may or may not have been injured in the making of one of these movies
. It's hard to tell.

Here's the first one. Here's another one. And here's yet another one, in which coffee seems to feature prominently (sort of like how it does in our house).

Oy, have you ever tried to load something onto YouTube? I guess I have more of the Instant Gratification Princess in me than I thought, because it sure seemed to take a long time. He wants me to load several other movies onto YouTube today. Soon I'll be saying "But wait! There's more!" Because there are more. (gosh the fun never ends around here)

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Suji said...

I can see him winning awards at this someday. Great job Max!