Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Bye Doctor

We spent the better part of today watching several Dr Who episodes, including - sob - The End of Time. It was the perfect way to inch ourselves back into that thing known as The School Day. I wallowed my way very wetly through a box of Kleenex while the kids tried to ignore me and my pathos and listen carefully over the sounds of my sobs, because you always know there will be some geeky-fan lines you don't want to miss.

"Did you just salute me?" 

Not quite as good as "Are you my mummy?" or "Hey! Who turned out the lights?!" but still fun.

We also watched last year's Christmas special, with the lovely and charming Miss Hartigan and those wild and crazy CyberMen. It wasn't on the CBC last year, for reasons unknown to me and the rest of the Canadian Dr Who fan club. No, instead we were left to view it through other methods. Honestly, you idiotic CBC executives, you really don't know how to run a decent television network do you? Shame on you for putting such dreck on your New Years lineup but scorning Dr Who. No wonder you're losing the audience on your television network. Go on, ask Rick Mercer - I'm sure he can tell you what an obsolete corner you are painting yourself into.

But I digress.

We also watched Planet of the Dead, where FDPG delighted beheld someone after her own heart: the Lady Christina De Souza, cat burglar extraordinaire. Not that FDPG wants to be a cat burglar, but boy did she relate to all that "I can do it just as cleverly as you can, and maybe even better!" business. I found myself wishing I had his long coat. That is some long coat. I'd even take the side burns...

Look at that charming geeky perfect Doctor. What will we do without him? I know I said pretty much the same thing after Christopher Eccleston left but gosh I will miss this Doctor. Max, in his new guise as Somewhat Uncomfortable With All Emotion Teen Boy, reminded me that I said as much last time and might very well say the SAME THING next time, whereupon I reminded him that we both sobbed our way through that last regeneration whereupon he rolled his eyes and said that he was just scratching his eyes and otherwise doesn't remember much whereupon I rolled my eyes and said "I love the Doctor and true love lasts a lifetime" and that was that. The twins said nothing, not having witnessed the phenomenon known as Dr Who before but at that exact moment in time completely and utterly blown away by all its amazingness.

Oh, and have you seen these commercials from BBC1? I hadn't. Sigh.


Suji said...

I haven't sighed like this since I was a Michael J Fox-besotted teen. Sigh. Now that's one "Santa" I'd love to have stuck in my chimney. Tardis and all. Sigh. I think I'll name my house Tardis. Sigh. You had to get me started :)

Rebecca said...

David Tennant is *my* doctor. I will never love another so well.

I'm sure Matt Smith won't win my heart... although I will give him every opportunity to do so.

Sarah N. said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to get back into "school" :)

Diane said...

Thanks so much for the plug for Doctor Who. I have never really watched it but love shows from the BBC. I have saved them all to watch live on Netflix. Looking forward to meeting Doctor Who.

sheila said...

Oh Suji, isn't he amazing? Even the twins love him. We've pretty much exhausted all his YouTube salutes now, too.

sheila said...

Rebecca, when we watched The End of Time, where Matt comes on, I found myself actually liking him, funnily enough. I didn't think I would, and I couldn't FATHOM why and how the DW executives picked him in the first place, but he was way more interesting than I thought he'd be. Phew. He's no David Tennant, but so far so good.

Rebecca said...

He's got such a funny, quirky face. I like that he's not a pretty boy. I think that's why I'm willing to give him a chance.

I've ordered the complete specials on blu-ray (la-di-da) and once I've watched them all, we'll have to go out for cocktails and compare Doctors notes.

I won't see Matt in action until the series comes to DVD, though, since we are so silly and don't actually have access to TV programming.

Diling (I don't usually do this but I quite like this one).

Kez said...

Noooooo - I'm still firmly stuck in David Tennant land watching them on DVD... I refuse to even think about another Doctor. It just will not be the same - David Tennant is the best! (Did you see him in Casanova - mmmmm, that was a cheeky grin!)