Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Which We Start The New School Year

I might not talk about it much but we really do homeschool. Really.

At breakfast we talked about how it was the first day of school for many people, including us. This came as somewhat of a shock, despite the fact that I had mentioned it the day before. "What do you mean?" asked the Child Who Likes To Question The Obvious, "does that include ME?" "Why yes, funnily enough it does," I replied.

Being the diva that I am, I allocated a new Chore Chart, incorporating the twins more, err, effectively (they alternate breakfast dishes while their brother does dinner dishes and no I am not thinking about purchasing a dish washer why would I when I have three manual dishwashers already? besides, I AM too cheap, just ask Max)

The kids did math while I hauled 10 tonnes of post-County Fair craft-making residue out of the Family Room. The Family Room is where we do school stuff. It had had a table in it but that seemed to have disappeared. After what seemed like hours (but was only about 45 minutes) I paused for a break of sorts, mostly to see what FDPG and Dominic were arguing about (FDPG: "The new Harry Potter exhibit is in ORLANDO, Dominic, NOT Los Angeles! How many times do I have to tell you this?")

After all that frivolity we drank hot chocolate and looked out at the rain and reflected as to how the first day of school was going so far.
Max = good.
Dominic = "do we have to do this tomorrow too?"
Sheila = I really hate cleaning can we do something else now?

Then we went out, ostensibly to buy a bookcase for the tottering piles of books I had unearthed when clearing out the Family Room, but somehow we ended up in a toy store.

We bought one of these. The kids wanted me to buy three but I said it would be a good lesson in learning not to fight about something sharing. Then they all fought over who got to use it first. FDPG the Teary Defence Method, a stealth weapon she is rather partial to, but the boys have learned to deflect this quite skillfully - they ignore her.

We went to a few places where I foraged for bookcases while the kids sat in the car and fought over played with the Perplexus. I also purchased a few items for the kids' Back To School Surprise bags (more about that later).

Then we went home and I learned that my Hippie Chick name (HT to RainboeBrite) is Caraway India. Richard is balking at calling me Caraway, sadly. He doesn't find it refreshing or fun or amusing; he thinks it's weird. At that point I discovered that his Hippie Chick name is Autumn. He is not partial to this either, but that's because he's more of a Spring than an Autumn.

After that I went to a meeting, leaving the children at home to wrangle pleasantly over who got to play with the Perplexus.

And guess what? Tomorrow we get to get up and do it all over again!

Forgot to add this bit, which came in between the bookcase hunting and the Perplexus Wrangling. A local radio station had a segment on Going Back To School today, and asked for everyone's stories. I sent mine in. Lo and behold they read it out loud, prompting my eldest (whose Hippie Chick name is Moonjava) to hug me, so overcome was he by my coolness.

Dear ______,

Today was the first day of school for my three kids - with a slight twist: we homeschool.

If someone had told me seven years ago that I'd be AT HOME with ALL THREE of my kids one day (and liking it), I'd have laughed out loud (and maybe rolled my eyes a LOT), but here I am, homeschooling for the 7th year. One kid is entering grade 8 and the other two are in grade 4. And you know what? It's been great. I wouldn't have missed these years for the world. I have three kids that people enthuse about and I am constantly challenged, whether it's researching Egyptian mythology, looking at taxonomic classification systems, or hanging out at the beach while everyone else is - well, somewhere else. And my kids are pretty fun people to hang out with.

It's all good. Even if we're not part of the 'regular crowd.'

I'm still cringing a bit that I was so humourless. Not like me at all.


Caraway India


Rebecca said...

Hey, I've been wanting to order a perplexus from thinkgeek, but it would be way cheaper to just buy one in town. Location?

sheila said...

That fancy 2-store chain that starts with B and ends with S. But that's as far as I'm going unless you tell me what your hippie chick name was!

Rebecca said...

Hey, I already 'fessed up. You just missed it. (I'm subtle, I am.)

Um... was it close to a beach?

sheila said...

HA! I knew it. Rainbow. You know, I had a friend called Rainbow back in the day. She lived with a guy named Ocean. He was her Ocean of Devotion. At the time I thought that extremely witty.

Yes, it is near a beach. There's one out near the ferry and one out near a place you once told me you'd like to live...ring any bells?

I once had a dog named Wheat Germ, but when I gave him away they renamed him Yasu.

Rebecca said...

Ocean of Devotion. Is that near the toy store?

(I know which one it is - I'm being coyly obtuse - could you tell?)

sheila said...

Phew, thank goodness. I was beginning to think you never go out.

You do realize that I am going to call you Rainbow from now on? You can call me Caraway India. I'm rather partial to it now. And my children are now called Moonjava, Tempest, and Smile.