Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Look at that girl. It was warm today, though, so no one looked askance at her.

We were out transplanting tomatoes and sweet peas because they had outgrown their little grow-op in the basement. If you want to transplant your little tomatoes do this: put them in the shade, or somewhere cool, rather than back in a baking hot greenhouse. It will lessen the shock.

I even hung some laundry on the deck, and miracle of miracles - it DRIED.

Then I spent the afternoon hammering wood planks into the sagging beds where the bricks were, because, no surprises, the bricks were slumping. Now the beds are sturdy (I was going to say sturdier but they were never sturdy, lol).

Which meant that some of us got to use drills and exciting things like that. Some of us really like drilling holes in wood. Some of us even drilled a hole in an old My Little Pony toothbrush so it could adorn the bean bed (okay, so that was me, it's fun drilling holes in plastic toothbrushes).

And now we're sitting inside, gazing outside, with sun-scorched cheeks. What an excellent day that was.

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Yahoo! LOVE seeing sunshine! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Brave girl in shorts! I've seen people walking around here in tank tops, t-shirts and shorts. I am down to two layers and no thermals, so I'm getting there.
Can't wait to start hanging laundry out! HURRAY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!