Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puffballs & Japanese Snow

Meet the Lion Sisters, the latest additions to the Greenridge Household.

This one is Puff, or Her Royal Puffness. She's very gregarious and curious, which is good considering that her new owner is a fairly lively boy.

Full Frontal: Puff has black ears, nose, and feet, while the rest of her is one big poof of gray.

This is Yuki. I haven't been able to get a good shot of her, so this one will have to do. She's quite tiny. Yesterday we were worried she was shy or perhaps even ill because she was so quiet and still, but today she perked up and attacked her crust of bread relatively aggressively, considering it was almost as big as she is.


Suji said...

One of our close friends just adopted bunnies too. :) Yours are different though, I don't believe I've seen this variety before. They are such cuties!

Heather said...

Sweet! Is one of these the one that you babysat before? And what I really want to know is - do they make any decent amount of manure? or are they just too tiny to make an appreciable amount?

sheila said...

Suji, these are called Lionhead Rabbits, because of the manes. They are very small and sociable, as opposed to a lot of other rabbits that struggle and run away. These seem to like being handled.

Heather, it isn't, but it's the same type. We loved that one so much the twins bugged us about getting one or two for them. And these were a rabbit after my own heart: free! lol

I don't think the manure will amount to much, but combined with the hay and leftover greens it will add up. These things go through a lot of vegetation.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to paint them in ink like a Japanese painting. That picture of Puff is crying out for it. So beautiful!