Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who Doesn't Need A Beak Warmer?

Just the thing for the Angry Bird on your Christmas list!


Heather said...

Do you know that when I read the title to this post on Bloglines I was sure it said "Who doesn't need a winter break?". And I thought, Oh, Shelia must be up to something fun - winter break sounds lovely!! Then I clicked over and realized it said "beak warmer". What does that say about the state of my mind if I'm seeing winter break out of beak warmer? I actually went back to Bloglines to double check because I was so sure it said winter break.


sheila said...

I think you were channelling some Igpay Atinlay in your hope to see some holidays in the sun!

Are you headed out to the land of the rainbow this winter? I will bite my knuckles if you say yes, bite them and think of the sun. And maybe sob JUST a little.

Then get back into my beak warmer...