Friday, May 23, 2008

Poetry Friday

Yesterday started out rather overcast - not gloomy, I hasten to add - and as such was a perfect day for taking pictures. Perfect. Overcast skies don't do much for basking and lolling in the garden, but they do wonders for making photos look lush. So here, as my PF offering, is a Greenridge Garden Tour, with a short poem by Karla Kuskin to start us off. I chose this poem because it rollicks along with all the joy and excitement and bounce I feel when I see my garden come back to life again after the winter. I too want to swing and shout and sing (I also like to see those black Mason bees represented in poetry). This poem made my kids laugh out loud. It made me laugh out loud. It made me want to repeat it over and over again, which is exactly what great kids' poetry ought to do.

Wander and enjoy the tour...


Karla Kuskin

I'm shouting
I'm singing

I'm swinging through trees

I'm winging sky-high
With the buzzing black bees.

I'm the sun
I'm the moon

I'm the dew on the rose.

I'm a rabbit

Whose habit

Is twitching his nose.

I'm lively

I'm lovely

I'm kicking my heels.

I'm crying "Come dance"

To the freshwater eels.

I'm racing through meadows

Without any coat

I'm a gamboling lamb

I'm a light leaping goat

I'm a bud
I'm a bloom

I'm a dove on the wing.

I'm running on rooftops

And welcoming spring!

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Becky at Becky's Book Reviews. Stop by and see some of the other poems on offer around town. Thanks for hosting Becky!

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this is my patch said...

My favourite time to marvel at the garden is early evening, the light is just perfect, although possibly too dark for photos without a flash. I always feel the same way about the garden coming back to life too, although I do curse a little when everything has to be cut back for a second flush! x