Monday, May 5, 2008

A Summer of Living Semi-Dangerously

This is mildly strenuous for the twins, but fun enough that they are out here every second they get, climbing into the willow via the two avenues open to them, or swinging on the boat float. In our last house we had a giant cherry tree (a seriously overgrown behemoth at least 80' high) that we attached a couple of floats with ropes to as swings. It was a miracle none of them ever flew off because they sure went high on those swings (leaving me with flashbacks to a cousin who fell out of a tree, required a metal head plate, and was never again the same). The kids were all rather sad when we moved here and found we hadn't any trees of note in the yard. I had some good intentions to build a tree fort last summer, but finances being what they were the floats continued to languish, then the other day I came across the rope ladder in a DIY store and couldn't help but buy it. Richard went a step further and made some limb steps for the tree itself.
My original plan included a platform and one of those long plastic slides off the end. We'll see how far we get this summer!



Kids love this adventure stuff. I remember we used to have a rope swing down the brooks, where we used to visit as kids. Hours would be spent down there in the summer. x

Heather said...

Shelia, my dad made a "horse" swing out of an old tire, it is very cheap (find free tire) and just takes a bit of patience with the cutting (to get it into a horse shape). All the kids seem to love playing on it when they come over and my boys have had years of enjoyment from it. Have you seen this kind of swing before?

sheila said...

Louise, that sounds very idyllic. My childhood was rather similar (I was just reading your grandparents' post). We used to ride around completely unparented all summer, too. I'm much more neurotic than my parents, sadly.

Heather, no, I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm very interested. Do you have a picture somewhere on your blog? I'd love to see this horse thing. Our trouble is that we don't have trees in which to hang swings, other than this cracked old willow.

Heather said...

I posted pics of the horse swing here, Shelia.
It is a lot of fun.