Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Curious Brevity of Plant Tags

This is the first bloom from our Princess Victoria Louise. We've been betting on these ones to pop at any second, and you can imagine the noise here when FDPG discovered that one had opened. Let's just say that we all knew at about the exact same instant that something exciting had happened in the garden.

Click on the picture for a more, err, intimate experience.

According to the plant tag, Oriental poppies "provide a cheerful display of huge, satiny flowers in late spring...this strain features soft salmon pink flowers with contrasting black spots." That describes this flower, yes, but they left out the delicate crinkly-softness of the petals, the billowy black mass of pollen-laden anthers that seem to shimmer all at once, the velvety darkness of the centre spots, and the heart-stopping gorgeousness of the entire tableau. It's an Experience just sitting beside this poppy. Why can't they fit those bits on that plant tag, too?


Heather said...

I really think you missed your calling, Shelia. I see a future for you as a plant tag writer extraordinaire. If I read plant tags with a description like you just gave of that poppy even I would buy the plant, and I have am somewhat opposed to buying plants. I prefer the old gardener method of giving and getting them.

LOUISE said...

Mine are flowering at the moment too. x