Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sans Enfants

That's right, I am temporarily childless. Some I always knew she was crazy charming family member offered in a fit of insanity to have all three of my children over for a few days, to feed them too much sugar to give me a break in my routine. The fact that all three kids, as they were leaving, chorused "Now you can spend ALL DAY in the garden" just shows how little they really know me. Because, my little chickadees, the first thing I did after you left was go shopping. Yes, that's right - shopping. As in clothes shopping. In stores. I think I might even have entered a mall. Gasp. Does it get more exciting than this?


But I'm having fun not hearing the endless "You aren't really going to buy that, are you?" comments from my boys, not to mention the "Oh, mum, you need to get this!" (insert a gaudysequinedluridfurryfluffyandhorriblyinappropriate item of clothing here, held aloft by FDPG, who has inherited her mother's penchant for wearing slightly absurd clothing)

The garden can wait. 


Nicola said...

Oh, heaven! You are lucky. Of course, there is still the possibility that they'll have comments to make about the clothes you chose when they see you wear them - mine do!

sheila said...

Ugh. I can just imagine. Well, luckily for someone (not me at the moment), I was far too fat for anything I tried on. Sob. It's all the twins' fault.

Seriously, I put everything back after walking around the store with it. Got home and thanked my lucky stars that I did, because I need more stuff like I need a hole in the head.

Nice to hear from you, Nicola.

sheila said...
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this is my patch said...

A bit of retail therapy never did anyone any harm. Hope you enjoyed yours. x