Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

No, sadly, no jet planes in my future. 

What am I saying, I hate flying. Not because I'm afraid of heights, but because my very morbid self is convinced I'm going to crash, each and every time. 

But I am leaving for a few days. Amuse yourselves, will you. No arguing. No fighting. Keep your rooms clean. Presents when I return. Promise.


this is my patch said...

To travel on a plane is a very safe method of transport. You go in a car, and I am sure more accidents happen on the roads over a period of time? Don't worry, and remember to have a lovely time. x

Anonymous said...

The first commenter is absolutely right. Very Very safe per passenger kilometer. Unlike driving.

But maybe you need to learn some physics with your kids, because I think your fear might be related to the difficulty of really believing you can make a heavy piece of metal stay in the air.

Hope you have fun wherever you are going.