Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How We Spent Our 7th Birthday

As related by FDPG and Dominic, the Greenridge kids.

First of all, our neighbours brought us chocolate chip waffles - through the window - for breakfast! We ate some Pringles afterwards. We tried to eat some Skittles as well but our Mum wouldn't let us.Then we got lots of funny cards from our friendsMum made us these ones We caught crabs for hours on end. And we showed Mum each and every one we caught.We lay on blankets in the shade.
We drank out of our new stainless steel water bottles that will attach to our bicycles. We wore bikinis (well, some of us).Dad and our neighbour Robert (that's Robert there in the green shirt) built a raft with a slide and we created a bit of a public spectacle taking it down to the beach. Mum said we specialize in public spectacles.We slid off the slide into the water. When the tide was in this was extremely exciting.
We smooched a little, just to make all the adults go "Awww."After dinner we got towed around in behind our friend's motor boat. Fun but kind of scary.Then we had a fire and roasted marshmallows while the sun went down. Now that we're seven we get to stay up late.


Kate said...

Hi Sheila, sorry if this is a repeat. Not sure if my previous tries were successful. Anyway, Happy Birthday K and D! It doesn't get much better than a summer birthday by the ocean. I miss having you all in the big city, but love keeping track of your doings via this blog. Keep blogging - you have a knack for it!

Shez said...

What a splendiferous day!! happy birthday K & D. That slide on a raft looks wonderful.

Vivian said...

What an awesome birthday! I'm not sure what I'm more jealous of...the chocolate chip waffles, the awesome birthday cards (they're BEAUTIFUL, Sheila!), or the water raft with slide.

I want to be seven! Happy Birthday!

sheila said...

Thanks, everyone. Yes, the twins LIVE for this summer birthday time. They would renege if we didn't plan our vacation around our beach neighbours' vacation (they have 4 kids and we have side by side cottages). My girlfriend and I were commenting on how feral the kids are this year. I likened them to having a bunch of rather spoiled rock stars blasting into the house every few hours for food and drink and games of UNO (rock stars who love UNO). All that lovely lovely decadence. I want to be seven too, Vivian! Very pleasant.

this is my patch said...

Lovely photos! What a great way to spend your birthday, eating goodies for breakfast and spending fun time at the beach. Happy Birthday! x

Andrea said...

What a great holiday! But I have to say there is a shocking lack of pictures of YOU on your blog! I mean, were you there? I want proof!