Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Tree of Happiness

My friend Louise, from This Is My Patch, has given me a very delightful award. It's called the Tree of Happiness. I love the idea that there are gardeners out there exchanging this tree all over the place. Who knows what will grow where?

One of the requirements of this award is that I list 6 things that make me happy, then pass it on to other bloggers that have inspired me.


1. Really good food and drink. A serious pesto. A glass of champagne. A rack of lamb. A perfectly steamed artichoke. Garlic butter. A crisp baguette. A rich and frothy latté. A gin and tonic. A very very very very old cheddar. Pancetta. Gravensteins. Raspberries. New potatoes. Sablé cookies. Very bittersweet chocolate. A slice of romano. Buttery toast. Marmite on buttery toast.
Sorry, but this list is endless. You'll all be asleep by the time I've finished.

2. My garden. I love my garden, no matter where it's been.

3. Cats. I've had quite a few cats over the years, but I love them all devotedly. They always make me feel pleased with life. Dogs, shmogs.

4. Richard.

5. Watching my kids act like idiots. It's infectious.

6. Food. Oops, mentioned that already, didn't I? Well then, let me say that reading other people's blogs gives me a certain level of happiness. Not in the same way that a sunset, or the advent of the summer, or Christmas morning does, but still, it's a lovely quiet pleasure that sustains me through the day.

Now I'm supposed to award this to other garden bloggers who have inspired me, and I can't think of any gardeners that have been more fun to read than my pals Heather and Samantha at Four Friends and A Blog. They garden AND cook - and they look charming in flowing white shirts! Plus, they indulge my crushes on inappropriate but oh-so-cute famous men. (but we won't go there today)


this is my patch said...

Another great post from you Sheila, good answers. I so wish I had the skill of writing amusing posts like you do, I love how Richard ranks fourth! Thanks for willingly accepting the Tree of Happiness. x

sheila said...

OMG, you know I never noticed it until you mentioned it. I had to tell Richard IMMEDIATELY, of course, and his response was "I thought as much. At least I made it onto your list." Such a wit. It's why I married him, I suppose. That and his killer Scots accent.

Thanks for sending it my way, Louise. I find your garden blog so inspiring. Your photos are phenomenal.

Samantha said...

I love that food made it first on your list. No wait, really good food made it first, but regular food was 6th.

And I had to laugh at the fact that cats were listed above Richard. I'm guessing if he wore a kilt he would be listed 2nd (or maybe 3rd?)

But really, I came here looking for the Colin the carrot. Maybe it's in the Village? Or maybe you are still sewing it a little white shirt ;-)