Wednesday, August 27, 2008

But Wait! There's More!

A particularly lovely nasturtium, just waiting for its close-up:
And when I stripped the leaves off the tomato plants, as per one of my favourite gardeners' advice, this is what I found:
Literally hundreds of Tigerellas. Dripping. Burgeoning. Thronging. Oodling. Glutting. Teeming. Swarming. Abounding. Flooding. Jamming. Massing. Crowding. Mobbing. Flocking. Pullulating.

And if any of those aren't already adjectives, I'm turning them into one.


denise said...

I love nasturtiums. Are you eating yours?

Haven't heard to strip the leaves from tomato plants (although that surely would make them easier to harvest). That is a LOT of tomatoes! :) We have a ton coming in too - getting ready for the big boom.

this is my patch said...

The cabbage white caterpillars have devoured most of my nasturtiums, I left them to it! Would you accept the Tree of Happiness, pop over to my garden blog to see what an earth I am talking about. x