Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fresh From The Garden

Just picked:

green peppers
hot chilies (Red Cherry and Super Hots)
tomatoes (Better Boy, Sungold, and Tigerella)
artichokes (Green Globe)
rhubarb (Lump Found in Alley)
peaches (Frost Peach)

The blackberries got turned into a tart (Martha Stewart's pate brisée rolled flat, berries piled in centre and sprinkled with sugar and flour, pastry wrapped loosely around), the rhubarb was stewed and frozen, the peaches were eaten, the chilies were pickled, the tomatoes went to dinner, and the artichokes were boiled and the peeled hearts dotted with pesto and goat cheese, then baked. Why everyone doesn't have a little kitchen garden I don't know. It's addictive!


this is my patch said...

I really can't praise this enough. It all looks so colourful and edible! x

denise said...

Oh, looks so amazing! You have artichokes and peaches too!?!?! Yum.

Samantha said...

Your artichokes are beautiful! I wouldn't know where to start on trying to get the yummy bits out, but I love them! If I grew them, I would probably use them as art ;-) They are just so lovely!

The rest looks spectacular too!