Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How We Spent Our Labour Day

We went back to the beach cabin, we climbed sand cliffs, we gazed across the Georgia Straight, and we collected driftwood and sea rocks for the garden, then we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over an open pit in the back yard and enjoyed the last few days of summer time. Here's how Toffee spent his Labour Day weekend. He wasn't in here the whole time - just a short drive up and down the Island - but if you are familiar with the Cat Mind (say you're a Mr Spock devotee or something of a Mind Meld enthusiast) you will understand that even though an EXTREMELY brief portion of Toffee's weekend involved this cat carrier, it might as well have been the whole damn weekend as far as he was concerned. He was not, as the Queen might say, amused, although he did like the few bits of hot dog we tossed his way. Vaguely mollifying, I guess. But only just.


denise said...

What a lovely view of water and mountains!

Cute cat. :)

Susan T. said...

Oh, yes, the Cat Mind, in which a Car Ride (or Ferry Ride)=Doom. This should always be accompanied by long, loud MAOs (petite "meows" do not cut it) and panting. Otherwise the humans do not know how dire the situation is.

Good pics! Your Toffee looks just like our Riley, minus a few pounds. (Riley is, er, big-boned.)