Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Okay, I've wrapped the biscotti in clear wrap, nestled tightly on Amazon boxes covered with Christmas paper. 

I've dipped almost 400 truffles. Gads. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? But sadly most of them are going to disappear into gift boxes.

I've baked the baguettes and made the garlic butter for tonight. We're having our traditional champagne/bread/garlic butter/brie/old cheddar/paté/pickles/olives/oysters/boiled eggs/salad meal.

I've made the cranberry sauce for tomorrow night's dinner at my parents' house. (the only thing I'm allowed to bring, sigh)

The kids are out blowing off steam before they drive everyone around them nuts because they are so excited for a walk with their dad. 

Toffee is sleeping in a box FDPG made for him, which consists of a sheepie inside a box.

The cough cough - things that go into socks - cough cough - are wrapped. First time they've ever been wrapped before midnight!

I'm just about to go watch my favourite Christmas movie (well, besides The Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas): Love, Actually. Here's a little clip for you. Now go get yourself a drink and have a lovely Christmas Eve.


Nicola said...

We don't "do" Santa any more, but when we did I was always careful to have two sets of wrapping paper - one kind for wrapping gifts to go under the tree from us to the kids, and another kind for the ones that mysteriously appeared from Santa! Thanks for the clip - I will have to rent that movie again soon.

sheila said...

Nicola! I was thinking about you today when I was watching this movie.

I do the same thing you did - we use newspaper now, although last year Max said "Hey, Santa reads the same paper you guys do..."

shaun said...

At our house Santa doesn't wrap the gifts, and they usually fit in the stockings. The really big gifts come from mom and dad -- we need the credit!

And speaking of all that, here's what my friend likes to say:

"Did you know Santa is from Brazil? All the packages are from the Amazon!"

Three cheers for Amazon Prime!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is the bit of craziness that I just plain don't understand. Santa doesn't wrap the stuff that goes in stockings in our house. and didn't when I was a kid either. The stocking is the wrapping.

I hope it all went well after all the preparation and you had a great time.