Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something New

We found this the other day at our local Teacher's Supply store. You've seen the Magnetic Poetry kits, right? I've always eschewed these, because goodness knows I need more crap interesting but ultimately messy items scattered all over my fridge, but when I saw this table top set I was finally won over. It sits in our Family Room on the little bookcase, right at seven year old boy height, and I've told Dominic I want a sentence a day out of him. Here are a few he's done thus far:

I love cats because they snore. (it's true, Toffee does snore - most charmingly unless it's 3 am and you can't sleep for his Grunty Pig impersonation in your ear)

Summer is best of all. (it is!)

I love my sister. (smart boy, FDPG gave him half her box of Pocky for that little gem of diplomacy)

I believe in adventure. (oh you do, do you? just what I was afraid of...)

Cool little item, this thing.

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