Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday I'm In Poetry Love

In honour of Poetry Month, I've decided to spend my Fridays inflicting a sampling of musical poems on you all (sheila peers into the dark with her hand cupped over her eyes, guitar at the ready). No, no, fear not, I am not going to perform them. Links, baby, links. It's poetry, right? Just a different method of delivery. So settle down, no groaning now. Here, have some popcorn.

Here's a little number by a lovely fellow in a white sweater and a tidy mod haircut. Many an evening, when I was a cook at a Mexican restaurant (I know, I am SO Mexican, I hope you never had to eat there but know that I have improved greatly since), was spent blasting this over the heat of the ovens. We used to pride ourselves on knowing every word. Still haven't managed to swivel my hips like that though.

And then there's the lovely AND adorable Billy Bragg (how can you not love someone who sings with their accent doggedly intact?) doing Great Leap Forward. I wanted to include Shirley but all the versions YouTube has are crap, which makes me inclined to inflict this on you again, just because I love it so (besides, what's not to love about Fridays?).

Then there's this companion piece to Mr Brightside. I want this man's hair.

Let's not forget our Canadian content. Here is a greatly underrated Canuck, in my never ever humble opinion, who really should be getting far more air time. You might recognize this one, done with Chris Martin of Cold Play, and you know, I don't usually agree with the YouTube commentators especially when they have cheesy nicknames but in this case I think Chockles makes a valid point: this is one of the greatest songs ever written. Well, if you don't count this one, particularly if we're talking in present tenses. Is she not the most beautiful thing ever? Sigh.

And finally, because I love this song so much, here's Billy Bragg doing his version of Jerusalem.

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