Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lewisia Lately

I've written before about my Lewisia Love. I'd forgotten that I'd initially purchased them on an Escape From Renovation Hell expedition. And I wish I didn't remember how much of the renovation budget I blew on them, but when I went into the Greenridge Archives to get that link the price flew out at me and I turned into a pillar of shocked salt. Knew I shouldn't have looked.

Ah well. Look at that colour. Doesn't it singe your eyeballs just a little?

And this one. It's like living with a bunch of goofy old ladies with a penchant for gaudy eye shadow and radioactive lipstick.

Or a bunch of little girls, for that matter.

Heck, one of my sons used to like wearing nail polish. I'm sure I've seen that colour before. On someone's toes. Not saying who, of course.

Here we are again.


I feel a song coming on. A little something in Broadway, perhaps? Some tap dancing? A flirty skirt? Hugh Jackman to twirl me, lewisia in between my teeth?


Casey said...


this is my patch said...

I've recently separated my lewisias and will stuff all the new plants between rocks. Yours are great colours. x