Monday, June 15, 2009

Sore Bay Updates

I've updated my hardly-ever-updated food blog with two recipes. Ah yes, I can see you're all waiting with baited rods. Err, bated breath, I mean. Gripping my food blog is, I know. 

One is a lemon verbena sorbet that really is worth the term superlative. I've posted the recipe before but seeing as how my lemon verbena is in such perfect bushy form at the moment, just desperate for a good pick (ooh, that sounds weird, doesn't it?), I posted it again, just in case there's anyone out there with a bushy lemon verbena plant in need of picking trimming. If you find the instructions too confusing to follow leave a note in the comments section. I know I can be a bit obtuse...

The other is a marbled brownie recipe I made for a Scout/Beaver event we were at on the weekend and the peanut butter marbled bits were so deliciously salty I fell resoundingly in love with it. And no, it was NOT me who picked all the peanut butter off the top. Nope. Not me at all.

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