Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Rambles

It's now officially summertime, not that we're acknowledging it or anything, seeing as how SOME of us have yet to finish our Singapore math, but it's still creeping in on us in various ways.

For example, Toffee is trying to accessorize a bit. Here he is trying to convince me that my ancient Holey Soles would be just the thing for his face. He likes to stuff his face into certain shoes. Mostly leather shoes, but once in a while a nice plastic pair does just fine.
Here he is trying to find just the right hair tie. He must have seen Shrek at some point because he has that big doe-eyed innocent thing down pat.

"What is it? What am I doing? I'm just sitting here, doing nothing. These hair ties? They were like this when I came in here."

(he learns from the feet of my children the masters, this cat)

And when he's not trying to convince me of his innocence in the midst of house messes (or his intent to steal my shoes), he's lying on the grass trying to convince me that he's not getting porky. And that he's really just a cute little cat.

Until I walk away, whereupon he will leap up from the grass like a cat possessed (who knows, maybe he IS) and leap upon my ankles with his teeth.

This is his idea of gentle play. I tell him this would SO not wash in the Waldorf schools. He tells me that cats don't go to Waldorf schools. So I tell him that there are Waldorf salads he could accessorize, he's that plump and golden. He tells me that that is why he never eats out. Mistaken identity.

The twins sit on rock faces instead, gazing out onto our neighbourhood environs. They try to pick out our back yard from this vista, arguing agreeably about it the entire time: "It's over there!" "No, it isn't, we don't have a camper van in the back yard." "Oh right. Well, it's NEAR there then." "Are you sure?" "Of course I am!"
And I scour the backyard for new oddities to capture with the camera. Here is a mint leaf. Look carefully - the leaf is double. This is fairly unusual for the mint family. So of course I had to go and take a picture of it. Then I ate it.
We're digging up potatoes these days, too, and today I dug up a potato that weighed 424 gm (and yes, I DID weigh it). For those of you yet to convert to metric, that's just shy of a pound. It must have been lurking there for a while, tucked in amongst the garlic like it was. And I missed it completely until today.

Other than that, things are just about the same as always around here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat. I used to have a long haired ginger cat called Lester. These day the only animals around here are the boys!

shaun said...

Mint and potatoes -- sounds like a frittata or potato salad to me!

We have so given up on school -- I think we are becoming unschoolers. There is too much happening to be otherwise.