Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Putting On Our Thinking Caps...Literally.

Hmmm...let me think.

Here's FDPG wearing her thinking hat this morning, contemplating the trajectory of her day.

Poke your temporal lobe a little bit harder, FDPG!

You can make one of these hats too.


Heather said...

My youngest is sooo going to want to make one of those today. Thanks for the link. Maybe he will want to make one for his teen brother with certain bits of the brain missing as well. ;-)

Samantha said...

That is great!

Although, it reminds me of a book where they had compared what women think about vs what men think about. One could have lot of fun with that ;-)

sheila said...

Heather, Max wouldn't wear his because he claimed the tape stuck to his hair, but the twins were heard whispering that it was because his head didn't NEED a brain because he never used the one he has. Much hilarity ensued.

Samantha, maybe you could emphasize the bits that are stimulated when men in white shirts walk by? Which lumps would be bigger than other, I wonder.