Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here's pretty much how I spent the last little while: hat, beach bag, towel, and water bottle.

Oh, and lots and lots of sand.

The kids spent their mornings doing this with their dad. It's a small boat so we had to do it in turns.

Max flipped it one night, prompting Richard to ask a nearby canoe-paddler to take him out to where Max was so he could show him how to right it. I asked Max if he was scared when it flipped and he said "No, all that went through my head was a bunch of swear words."

Here's FDPG (aka "Only _ More Days Until My Birthday" Girl) trailing Dominic, making sure he doesn't get one minute more time on the boat than she does.

Some of us spent some time in trees reading.

Max spent a lot of time building highly elaborate and finely structured sand cities.

At night we wandered. Down to the sand cliffs. Over to the park. Along the water front. Over to other people's beach cabins.

And now we're back and gearing up for the Cupcake Extravaganza Party. Fondant may or may not be involved. Martha, beware!


Samantha said...

Welcome home! Looks like a very relaxing holiday! (I'm guessing the trashy magazines are in the Trader Joe's bag? ha ha!)

sheila said...

They SHOULD have been: I bought a Vanity Fair because it had Angelina Tomb Raider on the cover (and because I used to like VF once upon a time) and all the guys said she looked "scary" and kept hiding it on me. I couldn't find a real British Hello! (and who wants the tacky Canadian version) so I confined myself to reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and a bunch of your Harrowsmiths. Very dry on the trash reading front, that's for sure. I haven't a CLUE what's going on anymore.

Heather said...

Sounds like a very relaxing holiday. I hope you came back feeling refreshed and recharged.

squess - that's a fun word. Hmmm... Squess what?
I'm feeling a bit squessed today.
I couldn't believe that the squess had spread their vines all over the garden - they're growing like crazy. We'll have load of squesses to eat.

Suji said...

Sigh...looks so idyllic! Almost like My Family and Other Animals...which we are STILL reading. Hey kiddo and I just tickled Henry, your pig from Guinea! :)

Michelle said...

Or, let me as you a squesstion.

Speaking of trash reading...I've been reading Twilight. That's some good twaddle.

Love your little boat; that looks like good fun.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Hi Sheila! Your gorgeous getaway looked like paradise...great to find forest, water and sand all in one place. I really don't need much more either!!

I loved the boy-reading-high-in-tree shot. He looked like he could stay there all day, no wonder!

Your photos were beautiful, mine are piling up and my blog is largely neglected these days...ah well, that's what September's for! Right now we're soaking up the last, last bits of all the exquisiteness.

Your mini sailboat looked like such fun! The sail looked happy enough; was this just before it lost control and got "ripped"??


Louise said...

Now this is how I would want to spend a holiday. I guess it was a good one. Lovely photos, and nice Trader Joes bag. x