Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letters To The Editor

To the woman who tried to smuggle a tiger cub in her luggage:

Dear Smuggling Woman,

I don't know why you did this or why you thought this might be a good idea, but allow me to express my complete and utter dismay at hearing what you did. My stomach sank last night when I saw those photographs on the evening news. There is no excuse for putting a live animal in your luggage - much less drugging that animal in the hopes that it would remain silent during the trip. I don't care how much anyone promised you or what kind of life you lead in your home country, you have no right to take a little animal like this and stuff it in your luggage. You have done a cruel thing and I hope that in your afterlife someone makes you aware of this fact. I feel very Old Testamenty about what you've done. Tiger cubs don't deserve such a fate.


A Person Who Really Likes Wild Creatures

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Becky at Farm School said...

I hadn't heard about this. How awful. OT indeed -- eye for an eye, and being carted around oneself in luggage. Through Pearson no less.

Makes you wonder who has tried this and succeeded. Ugh.