Monday, December 6, 2010

Fly & Hummingbird

Well, perhaps the title should be Fly Vs. Hummingbird. Normally this is a Hummingbird Only feeder, but with the recent cold snap they've been duking it out a bit. Hummingbird is a wildly territorial bird and the spot you see Fly sitting on is Hummingbird's Spot. Hummingbird's spot. His very own spot. This is no small thing. Hummingbird did not take kindly to this usurpation. He buzzed Fly. At first Fly was spooked, but familiarity eventually bred contempt and now Fly sits here, as you can see, no doubt driving poor Hummingbird mad with irritation.

Then one day Fly disappeared. Was Fly eaten by Towhee? Or has Fly gone to Greener Pastures? Only Hummingbird knows, and maybe that ACME van down by the creek...

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Ruth said...

What an interesting story from Canada. It seems as though it always snows here.Our hummingbirds are gone for the winter. Our website Hummingbird Guide is popular with homeschooler families and groups. We host writing contests for kids. Thanks.