Monday, December 6, 2010

Toffee Watches Maru

If you don't know who Maru is, click here.

Warning: for fairly obsessed cat people only.


Samantha said...

Hey, you have the same computer as me! Mine sits on an old table though, not a fancy desk.

I'm on disk 3 of Dr Who! Chris E is the Dr Who so I'll have to wait until next year (when it's my turn at the library) to see David as the magnificent time lord.

Michelle said...

We are long-time fans of Maru. I tried showing Maru to my cat, but he swished his tail and turned his head away. He must be jealous of Maru's panache.

sheila said...

Um, Samantha, that is not a fancy desk. That is the spoil of a horribly failed relationship. An IKEA spoil. Richard built me that little lift-off thingie and it's incredibly handy. I can store twice the crap I would otherwise!

I WANT Maru, too, Michelle! He's so darn cute and yes, he has enormous panache. I can't believe I am only just discovering him now.

sheila said...

Eww, why did I use the word spoil?

Because you are a coarse coarse person. With no dignity.

Or was it because that man was so annoyingly irritatingly obnoxious that I felt I DESERVED that bloody table?

Don't answer that one, Sheila. You'll only look resentful.

But I am.

No need to broadcast the fact.

Fine then. I'm shutting up already.

'Bout time.