Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Bits & Pieces

Canucks vs. Boston. I will comment no further. Ridiculous game. Blah. And to think I call myself a Canuck. (I realize that a lot of people think 'Canuck' is a pejorative term but let me just say that I am not one of those people)

For some reason this made me sad. I read it aloud to the kids at breakfast, and at supper tonight, while the boys were watching Boston whup the Canucks' collective bottoms, FDPG and I watched this. And felt our hearts fly at the end, when Darcy walked through the emerging dawn light, dew dripping from the hem of his billowing coat, and held hands with Elizabeth Bennet. Lovely lovely lovely.

Nothing like lying in deep green grass, is there?

More garden pictures on the way. Am reading Eliot Coleman's Winter Harvest Handbook (trying to get ideas for a new greenhouse but REALLY wishing I had one of these), using a lot of straw for mulching to save on watering, thinking about making some hypertufa butterfly watering bowls, planting pepperoncini (set in the cold frame), and watching the first artichokes pop through their mass of leaves. Also repotting the millions of tomato plants I have left over before they succumb to total neglect (drop by for a freebie!), wondering where to put the cucumbers and pumpkins we have sprouting, and watching the first of the lemons ripen.

And it's finally HOT. Hurrah. Dried 5 loads of laundry out on the deck today. Jane Austen heroines, indeed.


Suji said...

That glasshouse is amazing isn't it? Enough to make a lazy person like me want to do more.

Lovely snapshot of the kids...they look as if they are having an idyllic summer.

Have you seen those Austen zombie novels? I'm almost glad Borders has closed because those books were always right next to the Calvin and Hobbes shelves where kiddo practically grew up. I know there are 5-star ratings on Amazon but I almost cried when I saw those books.

sheila said...

I have seen those - I agree: they were given great ratings but I hated the covers. Awful covers. It's like going into the video store and they've got some violent shoot 'em up playing. Or a horror flick. Yuck.

If I win the lottery I'll send you a greenhouse, Suji! lol I'll send me one too.

Suji said...

Sweet! You know, I was thinking the same thing...that I'll send you one if I win the lottery...but I won't send me one. If I do I'll have to get off my behind and do some work outside won't I? Lol...I'd rather spend it on books and ice cream. :)

Becky said...

Aack, the comment box ate my first comment.

This picture even cuter than the one of the monkeys in the tree : ) .

You are much nicer to your butterflies. Mine get old glass and china bowls from Goodwill and garage sales!

So what are the plans for that first lemon?!

Yes, blah to the game. It's so sad -- everything was going along happily and excitedly until yesterday's game, and then all of a sudden so mean-spirited. Deflating...

Suji, you can read and eat ice cream in a glass/greenhouse! Sometimes, in fact, you *have* to eat ice cream because it's so darn hot in there!

(should I be concerned that my word for verification was "shate"?)