Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lorquin On My Finger

A friendly Lorquin's Admiral landed on my finger this week, not once, not twice, but three times. And he obligingly sat for photos. What a charming butterfly. He's quite fond of mud-puddling near the lemon trees.
Speaking of lemon trees — one is almost ready to pick. There's a touch of green still on the underside, or maybe I'm just too chicken to actually remove it from the branch. After all, it has been there for a long time.


Suji said...

What a pretty finger! lol. But seriously, if a butterfly did that to me I'd be over the moon. Love that fat, juicy lemon.

sheila said...

Isn't that wild? It felt like such a sign, I tell you. Especially when he kept coming back and alighting on my finger. The kids nearly died of shock.

I will let you know how our Northern Lemon does! LOL

Samantha said...

Ooo, you are touching a butterfly!!! How bold and brave you are!

I went to a butterfly place in Montreal a few years ago and was enjoying the butterfly interaction (they are so beautiful!) until I saw that one had landed on a person and I totally freaked out (inwardly of course, no scary scenes in the serene butterfly land) and had to leave the building. Don't know where the freak came from... maybe with so many butterflies I thought that if they all chose to attack at the same time, they could cause some serious damage. Not sure how sharp their fangs are.

Gorgeous lemon by the wayl. I have no fear of them (although I imagine getting a squirt in the eye by one would be most unpleasant)

p.s. any suggestions for good Killers songs to add to my awesome mixes?

sheila said...

Killer's songs? Hmm, let me think. Well, I think "A Butterfly Almost Killed and Ate Me Whole" is a CLASSIC. lol

Mr Brightside
All These Things That I've Done

And don't forget The Cure: Friday I'm In Love. Google the video on YouTube. It's so awesome I can hardly stand it.

Choose an identity!

Samantha said...

My identity is going to be Slycorbe, Queen of the Butterflies! I will wear a dress made out of flowers I will amass an army of butterflies greater than you could ever imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will check out those songs, thank you very much. No need to hear "A Butterfly Almost Killed and Ate Me Whole" as I have LIVED it!

p.s. could never, NEVER forget The Cure and all of their pure awesomeness.

sheila said...

Slycorbe, if our mutual friend is coming here any time soon I can burn those songs magically with my Magical Butterfly Song Burner...but they should be in your friendly Magical Library (they are in ours).

I think my identity will be Magical Me. I have Lockhart's bluster and Kenneth Branagh's poncey-ness down pat.

Oh wait, I already chose an MI-5 identity, didn't I? Looking coldly but oh-so-intellectually into the distance while my friends cluster evilly around me. Better dust off my pleather jacket. I think it has some butterfly poo on it.

Samantha said...

I thought you could be Gerpo The Strawberry Queen. Your attempt at world domination would be with your magically abundant strawberry plants. No?

My friendly library does contain all of the albums that hold the songs you have listed. I am on request for all of them. But thank you for the offer Gerpo/Magical Me/Steely Eyed Even Though Covered In Poo friend of mine.