Wednesday, March 7, 2012

California Dreaming

This is where I was last week. I'm going to spare you all and NOT post a shot of what it's doing where I am now.

Here's another one. I never used to like the desert...until I moved to a rainforest. Now I find a certain, um, charm in the desert. Particularly when it's winter in my neck of the rainforest.
And of course we can't forget the obligatory Legoland shot. Yes, we were here too, thanks to someone with some free tickets going begging. Some of us were VERY excited about this aspect of the trip. Very excited indeed.


Suji said...

Wish we could have caught up with you guys while you were in CA. Looks like you had a great trip!

Samantha said...

Perfect time to go and warm up. I love the desert - so warm and dry and warm.

I'm guessing it was YOU who was very excited about Legoland!! I'm guessing you came home with a suitcase full of new Lego. We had so much fun there, but the rides were a little tame for me.

Oh my gosh, your proof of non-robotness is so much trickier now!