Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things I Am Glad About Today

— KUOW's fund drive is managing to be far more amusing than usual this year. Peter Sagal and Alec Baldwin, not to mention Phyllis Fletcher, are making this year's pledge drive bearable.

— That I am not living in the United States during this year's Presidential Face Off. Those of you in the US have my profoundest condolences. Well, those of you who find this stuff as silly as I do. Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about...well, let's just say that it's pretty nigh impossible to avoid coverage of this crap when it's on television if you live in the US. It's omnipresent (and almost as irritating as the American Olympic coverage is). And yes, I DID choose the word 'crap' carefully. This stuff is not political in the slightest; it's plain old grandstanding from people who don't like doing it and aren't very good at it. Do. Not. Like.

— I was going to say I was thankful that the chickens didn't escape today, but just a minute ago one did. Sigh. Max thinks he's being highly strategic (and clever) when he takes aim at them with his long range water gun, but as I pointed out (just a minute ago): the chickens don't experience water gun jets and make an obedient beeline for the chicken run. They think "huh? what's that? eek! must run away now!" and make a beeline for somewhere else. Which is exactly what just happened. How DO I know these things? Just call it a gift I have. (sheila shines her imaginary knuckles on her imaginary shirt and preens an imaginary bit)

— That we have a schedule for school this year. It means several things, all blessedly positive. First, the twins are able to be busy when I am elsewhere (like canning tomatoes or blanching beans or hulling tomatillos). This they like. Next, we're able to motor through unit studies in ways we often floundered with before. This we all like. Finally, I'm able to do quizzes based on previously done work. This is manna from heaven to the twins. They love quizzes. They love the fact that they know what a cell is, where bile is stored, and what a saturated fat is. I blame Mr Ratburn for this. It's all his fault, him and his blasted Pop Quizzes.

— That it was 69ºF today in the house. All day. It was even warmer outside. This from the Pacific North West. In October. It's the kind of event I am highly thankful for.

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