Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Watery Sludge

We were having leftovers for lunch today and FDPG (whose tastes are so austere that she eschews almost all food groups that do not include either cheese or sugar) had seconds of a soup I'd made a few days ago.

"Want some more?" I asked her.

"Yes please!" she said enthusiastically.

"Wow," I said, "why do you like this soup so much? I'm surprised."

"It's good! I like the stuff in it, but I like that watery sludge stuff most of all," she answered.

That watery sludge stuff. Right. I think I might need a lapel pin with that on it:

I am good at making watery sludge.


Samantha said...

Take that Martha Stewart! Woot woot! She has to get all fancy shmancy, but you can make watery sludge take delicious!


p.s. I am so not a robot, but I totally can't figure these robot test things out. Oh my gosh, maybe I am a robot and I just don't know it!!!!

p.s.s. That's silly of me. I'm an almost Time Lord, not a robot. Once I have my sonic screwdriver, I wont have to worry about these robot word tests.

Heather said... recipe?

You tempt us with that delicious sounding delight and don't include the recipe?!?!

sheila said...

Samantha, I think you might have eaten too much Halloween candy. Take two sonic screwdrivers and call me in the morning.

sheila said...

It's one of my "Ooops, I have to make dinner now and it's 5pm!" recipes. Low in effort and evidently high in that Great Watery Sludge Flavour:

fry lots of bacon
add lots of cubed potatoes
add lots of other vegetables
add lots of water
add Knorr cream of leek soup mix
add some cooked tortellini

Okay, now I'm officially ashamed.