Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Happenings of the Day

 Overheard in passing:

"What do you like best about being a Toa? Do you do it for the money, the fun, or just because you like saving people's lives?"

                                                                                    — FDPG, interviewing Dominic

Found poem on my desk:

My Mum
a poem by Dominic

Her eyes are so shiny
And she's never whiny
Her hair flows down
Like a gold comet in the sun
And that's what I have to say about Mum


Suji said...! You've gotta buy that boy more legos.

Sigh. It's official. I'm part robot. Must be from my dad's side.

Samantha said...

Aww!!! That's one sweet boy you've got there!

p.s. I think the Toa's do it for the fun. And the adventure. And the babes.

p.s.s. I got a strange email from Amazon, and I'm not sure if I will be able to be a Time Lord (sob!)

sheila said...

Oh no! You have to write to Amazon forthwith, and DEMAND that they deliver that DT suit-coat with detachable sideburns IMMEDIATELY or you will cry very loudly all over the internet.

It's the only way to deal with Amazon: be sad and miserable and make them watch every single second. They live to serve, you know, and they know it.

Or are you talking about something else and I've just outed that pricey purchase you're trying to keep secret from DH?

Robo-Samantha said...

Ha ha! You make me laugh. At least you didn't say I ordered a DT blow up doll, or a baggie of his hair.

Trust me, if Amazon drops the ball on this, they will be receiving a stern letter and a vial of my tears.

They don't know who they are messing with. I'm part robot.

sheila said...

Well, that's only because I didn't want the ENTIRE WORLD TO KNOW that you ordered real hair from the internet. How do you know you aren't getting hair from the Face of Bo instead? Or the Master's hair? Or even hair from the WRONG doctor????

As for blow up dolls, well, you smutty girl, only YOU WOULD KNOW ABOUT THOSE. Some of us like to keep our minds pure.

Samantha said...

If you can't trust Amazon to send you authentic DT hair, well then this world just doesn't make sense to me anymore.

p.s. My first thought was that "some of us" does not equal Sheila. I even had a blow up doll question to discuss with you, but I have the feeling that discussion is better done in person (after a few drinks)

sheila said...

A blow up doll question? No, you can't have mine if yours gets a hole in it. It's MINE. I don't care how drunk you get me, I won't budge.