Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Cometh

 Technically November has been here 18 days already, zipping along on waves of mist and birthdays and awards banquets and other busyness, which is probably why I've just noticed the cold weather and its impact on the garden. This is what started it all off for me (see Very Atmospheric Photograph above): the swirling mists of early morning out the kitchen window. It's like waking up in a well-behaved horror movie - beautiful but unnerving.
 The garden looks different: the cold nights have suddenly stopped it in its tracks. Gone is the leafy green-ness of late late summer, with the odd ripe scarlet runner bean, the late summer strawberries, and the last clusters of raspberries. Now everything looks frozen in an Uh Oh! position.

And these leaves —
Have all fallen away. Naked trees ensue.

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