Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Garden Tour

 These are the lengths to which we go to keep the chickens out of the compost bins.

These are the lengths to which the chickens will go to get into the compost bins.
White Sprouting Broccoli, coming to the end of its time here in the winter garden.

While we loved this plant, I think I prefer the Purple Sprouting Broccoli. It's taller and much more prolific, with more stems coming out of the sides. It also seems to go to seed faster than the PSB, although that might be because of the mild winter we had.
Rogue Tulip hiding amongst the giant irises.
 Quick - guess which mythological figure is hiding in this pot of stonecrop?
Pregnant Artichoke Mums
 Last year's Artichoke Babies.
 The relocated Raspberry Splash pulmonaria. It sprawls at the height of its growing season and looks nothing like it's charming blue cousin, so I'm experimenting by putting it in the shade garden this year. We'll see how it does. I resent paying a premium price for a perennial that doesn't perform in a premium way, even if the colour is brilliant.
 Another pulmonaria, this one with far better undergarments. Or is that internal structure?
Chequered fritillarias just starting to bloom.
Calendula, which grows all winter here if it's mild enough.

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