Friday, March 8, 2013

Random New Camera Photos

Cheeky primrose defies the pot of Mondo grass sitting on its head
Did you see that oh-so-critical word in that title up there? No? Well, go back and have another look. I'll give you a hint: it's not RANDOM. Got it now? No of course you haven't. Not to worry, this is my blog and I am here to inflict all my rambling witticisms on you, not to mention all the photos I'm taking with my new camera.

Sheila pauses and looks somewhat smug
That's right. My NEW camera. My old camera bit the dust (quite literally) one sunny day far far away and is now resting comfortably in Camera Heaven (that's what I tell the kids so they don't get too upset). It was a charming little point & shoot that I loved so much I put it in my This Is What I Get Should We Divorce record with Richard. He chose the espresso machine (like most sensible couples we only get petty over essentials). And while the old P&S was just a little slip of a thing, this new camera is a DSLR. It has weight. It has heft. Has a case that's bigger than my purse. Has a manual that is bigger than my purse. Comes with a DVD of instructions, but I haven't looked at that yet because, quite frankly, it scares me somewhat to think that I might not be able to understand what the heck they are talking about with all those weird f-things and apertures and stuff.
 But I digress. I promised to inflict photographs on you and inflict I shall!
Come closer and we will swallow you in one gulp

Sheila's Tidy Spot

Wait! What's that I spy with my little telephoto lens?

Why! It's a cherry plum, in full blossom!

Budding Pear

Sheila Gets Atmospheric

Toffee and his unwittingly obscene tail

Toffee's version of the Catwalk

He knows how to work it, doesn't he?

The trees are infested with these things!

Finally I can see what is off in the distance!

This reminds me of something from Spirited Away

 So there you have it. My new toy. I feel maternally thrilled with it, too, so no telling me that I'm out of focus or anything or I might mail you that instructional DVD.

By the way, is it me (oh please don't say it is) or it Blogger doing weird things? I do not like the new formatting palette I have and I don't like how I keep getting mysterious links added all over the place. If you have any thoughts (nice ones only) or tips do send them. 


Dancing Queen said...

Am loving the unexpected pleasure of a truly gorgeous atmospheric photograph, followed by a randy Toffee shot. Actually love all your tree shots. The curly branches are fantastic.

Your garden is looking stunning as always.

p.s. Random rules!

sheila said...

Yes, we thought the juxtaposition of an erect tree branch with an erect, err, tail, was most auspicious. It was as though they were both announcing the advent of spring, when things erect.

(Note to self: buy some Floor Slick so Dancing Queen will slip on sharp dance moves)

Dancing Queen and Self said...

So, I thought to myself, "Self, what would distract Sheila from her dance moves?"
'Well Dancing Queen,' Self said, 'we know she likes plants and flowers and that kind of stuff, so what if, as soon as she starts her dancing, we bring in all sorts of rare and beautiful plants for her garden. She'll be so distracted that she'll forget her moves and victory will be ours!'
"Good idea, Self, good idea. But let's turn this into a great idea. Let's have muscular shirtless men bring in the plants! They'll also have wine and chocolate!!"
Our plan was so awesome that Self and I high-fived, and people looked at me like I was strange, but I was so cool with that and quickly distracted them with some dance moves. Self and I were unstoppable (Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!)