Monday, September 23, 2013

Cinematic Trivialities

It was a good summer for movie viewing, even by my standards (must have lots of action, no predictable or cringe-worthy female nudity, and preferably a large monster or two). Our library has taken the recent video store closures to heart and stocked up on a variety of films, so we were able to see Cowboys & AliensMission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolMoonrise KingdomLife of Pi, and Argo without having to pay through the nose for them. Good movies, all of them, even if Max did find the facial hair in Argo a bit much. "Did guys REALLY wear their moustaches like that?" he asked, incredulously. We saw the original TRON, but all I'll say about about that movie is this: BAD BAD BAD.

We went to the cinema a few times, too, although I am increasingly dismayed by the fact that everything seems to come out first in 3D IMAX, which means that I'm paying $97.50 for the five of us to see one single film. I don't know about you, but I find that excessive. Even my kids, who think I give new meaning to the word cheap, think it's excessive. And none of us even LIKE 3D. Half the time it adds nothing to the film.

That said, Richard and I went to see Pacific Rim in 3D IMAX, because a) the kids were elsewhere for the weekend so we didn't have to pay for them to see it too (or listen to their bitter complaints as to why we never take them), and b) I love Guillermo del Toro. I took the kids later, once it had settled into a Regular Price run, and it was just as a-MAZE-ing second time round. Kaiju vs. Jaeger!  

Michael Bay, take note - you could learn a thing or two about making action movies from Guillermo del Toro (and trust me, you really DO need to learn a thing or two about making action movies).

I had to drag Max to Despicable Me 2, a film the twins and I were desperate to see. "It's a KIDS movie and I am NOT a kid," he said, "I'll feel stupid in there." Fortunately good sense prevailed and we all went. It's got it all: funny script, witty characters, lack of cheese, and wonderful voice actors (which always has me wondering what was up with Christian Bale in Howl's Moving Castle). Afterwards even Max agreed that he'd been a bit too self-conscious, idiotically teenish, and judgemental quick to label it a kid movie. 

I am shocked at how many people walk out before the credits roll. In the case of Pacific Rim they miss one MAJOR plot element, and in the case of Despicable Me 2, well, I won't tell you what they miss. Because no one should walk out before the credits roll. For one thing, they irritate ME, because I have to peer around their shuffling hulks to see who did what, where, and when. Or worse, go stand somewhere while the masses shuffle and trip around in the dark. There is a reason they don't turn the lights on until the credits have rolled. Those people should have learned this from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Sigh.

So, in the spirit of Zealous Movie Devotees everywhere, I'm going to leave you all with a Code of Conduct that I think everyone needs to know about, even though it says nothing about leaving before the credits roll...

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Samantha said...

Jeremy Renner is so totally my secret boyfriend. Shhhh!!!! It's so secret, not even he knows. I can't help myself - ever since I saw him with the crossbow in The Avengers, I've been smitten.

p.s. Ferris taught me so much, and I ALWAYS stay for the credits.

sheila said...

No!?! Really? He was pretty good in Mission Impossible - lean, long, and very good with his feet. I admire a man who's good with his feet.

I like cartoon men, which doesn't say much for me, does it? Howl and Haku are my guys.

Samantha said...

Really and truly. There is just something about a man shooting an arrow that makes me weak in the knees. Even Kevin Costner looked good shooting an arrow in Robin Hood (although his had to be a flaming arrow to make up for the stunt butt travesty).

Cartoon men, eh? Even Gru? I do have a thing for Steve Carrell - he's another secret boyfriend of mine - but don't really find him all that sexy as Gru.

p.s. Also loving Guillermo del Toro lately! Just watch Hellboy AND Hellboy 2. Will have to add Pacific Rim to my must see list.

sheila said...

No, not Gru, but don't tell Steve Carell. He might do more 50 Year Old Virgin movies, which would be horrible. I much prefer him in Despicable Me 1 & 2.

I love Pacific Rim so much that I have been threatening to buy it when it comes to Coscto. The kids, who know my cheap ways, find this captivating. The Devil's Backbone is good too. A little edgy, but really interesting. I'm sad PR isn't making more of a stir, but some people clearly think Meagan Fox needs to be in EVERYTHING.

Samantha said...

If Paul Rudd was in 50 Year Old Virgin, I'd watch it. He's totally my secret boyfriend and I've watched some pretty crappy movies just to see him in action. Strange, but true.

Now I'm very intrigued by this Pacific Rim movie. You are quite the saleswoman.

sheila said...

LOL! I'm totally going to see Filth because of Mr Tumnus!

Don't expect TOO much from PR. It's big, fun, and completely over the top, with the lovely Idris Elba front and centre most of the time. Giant robots and weird looking monsters, irritating scientists, and Charlie Hunnam (light years from his days on Queer as Folk). Lots of silly fun.

sheila said...
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sheila said...
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Samantha said...

You get me! You really get me!!

I love big, fun and over the top. I hadn't heard of Charlie Hunnam until there was all the press about him being in the 50 Shades movie (not that I have any idea what that book is about...)

sheila said...

Google him in Queer as Folk. He's adorable. And prepared to be SHOCKED, lol, although I also kind of fell in love with Aidan Gillen at the same time. EDGE-ey!

And I totally believe you know NOTHing about 50 Shades of Gray. Ha! Ha! HA!

Not that I've read it, but I know ALL about it, lol.

Samantha said...

Googled him - he was a BABY back then. Oh my. Why have I never heard of this show? I remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but I'm thinking that it's a totally different kind of show.

And I'm sure you haven't read it Sheila (wink wink!)

p.s. it's really hard to prove I'm not a robot, but really, I'm not!

sheila said...

I'm surprised you haven't, because our friend Russell T Davies wrote the scripts. Ole Charlie is playing for the opposite team, though. So is my honey Aiden Gillen. I'm okay with that though: it's a TV SHOW AND I KNOW IT.

I don't need to read 50 Shades because I've already read The Story of O. It's probably word for word the same as 50 Shades, lol.