Monday, November 25, 2013

Bigger On The Inside

 I don't think this needs much explaining, do you?
And in the event that you DO need an explanation, well, this is what Google did for their part in the 50th anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who. Headers of all kinds and they even had puzzle games attached to them. The twins were riveted. And look! All the Doctors running along with their Sonic Screwdrivers at the ready.

Something else I found on Google Maps. Street level. I feel confident in saying that the hearts of all four of us leaped slightly at this (except for Richard, who doesn't believe in Santa Claus Doctor Who).

Did you watch the anniversary show? So did we. We were in an anticipatory tizzy all day Saturday. Or maybe it was just me. I wore out the battery on my little Doctor Who In Your Pocket, playing the sound of the Tardis coming and going all afternoon.

We all liked the episode. It was fun. I feel vaguely disloyal saying this, but I felt a little ambivalent afterwards. Much of it seemed awfully frenetic and, well, almost silly. Not a fan of the Queen Elizabeth I segment at ALL. That was so not Tenth Doctor behaviour. Richard and I watched An Adventure in Space & Time afterwards. Filch from the Harry Potter movies played the first Doctor in a positively poetic performance.

We've been having a spate of clear cold weather, which means far attention has to be paid to animal water feeders and greenhouse heating systems. Pip the Alpha Female chicken decided to moult at long last, and she looks freezing with all her feathers falling out. I fully expect the other two to take their grievances out on her, because she was so mean to them when they were moulting. Stupid chickens.

Northern Flicker pushing the small birds out of the fat feeder one cold morning. These birds can cling to anything. I've got this feeder wrapped slightly in chicken wire so the starlings can't access it. They can't hang upside down like the other birds, so it's an easy way to fox them. The flickers are probably the loudest right now in the back yard. They perch at the top of the fir trees and send their very piercing screeches across the valley. It's an extremely recognizable call. They don't seem aggressive at all, just very large, yet the small birds are respectfully wary of them.
Can you see the little junco perched on the trough of strawberries? Waiting for a turn.
There is something so tough about strawberries; they grow in just about anything, just about anywhere. I can leave this planter here, sitting on the deck rail, all winter. Exposed. Wet, then freezing, then wet again, depending on the weather. Come spring it will burst forth like nothing happened in the interval. They remind me of pansies in this regard, although they don't dwindle and get weedy like pansies do.

And finally, this morning shot of the moon and some planet. I think it's Venus. If I'm wrong please correct me. It's so bright and the sky is so clear and the temperatures are so crisp. Lovely days.


Heather said...

We've just made (I use that "we" to mean I found the idea online and husband did the actual making)a chicken waterer heater out of a light fixture installed into a biscuit tin (on which you set the plastic waterer and keep it warm enough, in theory, to prevent freezing). I'm planning on testing it out on the cold snap we're expecting this week. We've yet to experience a moult but we do also have a chicken called Pip (Pippen actually but we tend to call her Pip).

Hope all is well with you and yours!

sheila said...

You must keep me posted on this, Heather, because it sounds very promising. Are we talking light fixture as in "small dim IKEA lamps" or proper full-size light fixtures?

I think our Pips are both named after the same hobbit. Our other two birds are named after characters from Arthur, lol.

Heather said...

Yes, small dim Ikea lamp type. With very small low wattage bulb (first bulb we tried made it feel hot enough to fry their eggs on the tin). Idea found here.
Supplies from thrift store. I think we ended up using a 15W bulb. Keep feeling so sorry for them because it really is quite cold out. We've been feeding them some bison fat a friend gave us in the hopes that that will somehow keep them warmer.