Sunday, February 3, 2008

Did Someone Say Miyazaki?

We are big Miyazaki fans in this house. Really big. So big we even had Totoro on not one but two birthday cakes (see picture for one version). So big that when I found a video store that had the pre-Disney Miyazaki oeuvre available for rental I phoned home to tell FDPG. So big we sometimes we relate to events from the day according to how they might translate in a Miyazaki Universe:

Me: "Look at those black specks up in the sky, FDPG. Is that a flock of crows chasing an eagle?"

FDGP: "Gasp! No! Those are soot sprites! I think I saw them come out of the chimney!"


Dominic: "My cushion had a sleepover at Totoro's last night. They planted some acorns and he brought me back some." (proffers handful of acorns and smiles at FDPG's shocked face)


"Mum, are woodbugs tiny Oms?" and "If Gigi can talk, why can't Toffee?"

I'm happy to play along, because I like Miyazaki's films as much as the twins. His universe is so imaginative and playful and filled with wonder, everything a kids' film should be.

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Kate said...

Hey Sheila,

I finally signed in! We can thank Totoro for putting me over the edge. I've loved Totoro since my living in Japan days, and Z and J watched it in Japanese a bunch of times before I bought the English version. Z went to a preschool program a couple of hours a week when he was 2, and for at least half the time he went as Neko Bus, not as himself. I don't think the teachers had a clue what he was about!