Sunday, February 3, 2008

E Is For Exciting

I had my thrill of the week last Thursday when a blogpal of mine, Becky from Farm School, sent this my way. There is something SO heartening about connecting with other like-minded people out here in Blog Land; thus I was delighted to see this accolade from someone whose blog I admire so much it's almost indecent, particularly as I was in truly wonderful company: Cami at Full Circle (she's better than a DK text) and Jen at Jen Robinson's Book Page. As I wrote to Becky, I was so excited I even burned my kids' lunch. I almost forgot I even had kids, well, that is, until the smoke alarm went off, the cat hid under my desk, and Max ran shrieking into the family room, asking me if I was going to turn off the smoke alarm or should he and was the house on fire or had I burned something again. Then I sighed, turned my gaze from the computer screen, and went off to see how I could salvage their grilled cheese. Fortunately I was able to scrape off some cinders and present it to them as a new type of bread. FDPG ate the insides and told me not to buy that kind of bread again.

And as is usual with these sorts of events, I am, in my turn, going to send this blog smooch off to other people who write blogs. Blogs I read. Blogs I like.

First, this one goes out to a blog I read because it has some of the best pictures of Life In Japan around. And it comes with a generous dose of humour about life in Japan: Diane at Popcorn and Sushi.

Second, this is a new blog to me, and it's piloted by not one person but four: Nicola, Samantha, Heather, and Katherine. It's called Four Friends and a Blog. These women are busy in ways I admire but can never hope to replicate. They are ferocious knitters. I'm not. Wish I was.

And finally, a blog I lurked on a lot when I first discovered the world of homeschool blogs - it was one of the first blogs I ever read and it sort of inspired me to start my own blog. So there. It's called Nurtured By Love, with one Miranda Hughes as its head writer.

Okay, a toast to you all (glasses clinking).


Nicola said...

Wow, thanks for the accolade. I have seen that award on other people's blogs and am honoured to receive it.

Jen Robinson said...

It's a pleasure to be nominated with you, Sheila! Congratulations!

dianeinjapan said...

Yikes--not sure how I missed this! Thanks so much, Sheila!