Friday, February 1, 2008

Poetry Friday

I was going to do something for St Brigid's Day (which is today) or something Groundhog Day-ish, but instead I'm posting the poem my 6 year old twins memorized this week, as part of their homeschool routine. I wish I could include the twins' hand and body gestures as they recite it - they make this poem a very visual experience! This poem was written N.M. Bodecker (and it rolls very nicely off the tongue):

When Skies Are Low and Days Are Dark

When skies are low
and days are dark,
and frost bites
like a hungry shark,
when mufflers muffle
ears and nose,
and puffy sparrows
huddle close -
how nice to know
that February
is something purely

Poetry Friday is being hosted today at Karen Edmisten's blog, also known as the blog "with the shockingly clever title."


Kelly Fineman said...

I know the calendar says otherwise, but February always feels like the longest month to me.

Love the poem.

Karen E. said...

I can only imagine the cuteness of hearing six-year-old twins recite this. Love it! Thank you!

(And I will let my children know that there's *someone* out there who appreciates my organizing skills.) :-)

Becky at Farm School said...

You'll have to share something about the accompanying hand gestures -- please?!!