Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fairy Diva Pony Girl Gardens

The industrious FDPG, getting her garden ready for its close-up (I get to play Mr DeMille and document her). And yes, she is kind of glaring at one of those pots. I'd hate to be that Lumina pumpkin if it doesn't perform to her specifications. She's kind of like the White Queen in Narnia when things don't go her way. Just kidding. No, I'm not. You're not supposed to say things like that about your kids.

She planted the seeds (we wrangled a little about just how many millions upon zillions we were ready to see growing in my garden) that she'd chosen. This is only a small portion of what she wanted in that little plot of hers. In the end I gave her the option of ripping up the field where she and her brothers run around, or planting all those seeds. We compromised by me giving up more garden space and gnashing my teeth a lot.

Then she wrote the names of all the plants laboriously on the little wooden tags she'd made, and watered every single pot thoroughly.

We placed the trays on heat mats, on window sills, in sunny places and in aquariums. We even put some outside in the cold frame, which is a very cold frame at the moment, but quake not because we put them on another heat mat. An industrial strength one!

And now we wait, something FDPG isn't too excited about. She wants it all NOW.

I kind of relate. I kind of want it all now, too.


Andrea said...

wow, what neat printing... And for Rhiannon, I made a good sized raised bed for her and she can fill it however she wants and then that's it - she can't have any of my beds!

sheila said...

Ack! Did you really? Ugh. Now why didn't I think of that? You must be quicker off the mark than I am.

louise said...

I am always in a dilemma as to what to grow at seed time, and invariably end up with far too many plants! I love the colourful seed labels, they are great. x