Monday, March 9, 2009

What Temperature Is It, Mr Squirrel?

Usually I am not a big fan of overpriced-aimed-directly-at-kids garden implements, but this squirrel thermometer is pretty cute. It suctions to the window and on the other side (the part that faces into the room) is a large thermometer. FDPG got it at a gardening store that was closing its downstairs storage shed and selling everything off cheap. I'd gone there to see what they had left, because it's one of those garden stores that, while it's trendily expensive (plain old garden net that sells for $5 at the hardware store goes for $9 here), also carries the odd brilliantly cool new gadget. And I have a weakness for brilliantly cool new gadgets, even if I never buy them.

Anyhow, I'd received an email about the sale so we popped in. I found a great wire topiary base in the shape of a snail, that was originally $110 but was now on sale for $10 (gosh, I wonder why no one would buy it for $110? sheila wonders sarcastically) that I plan on filling with moss and baby tears. I also found some red metallic tape that supposedly deters birds for $1, down from $13.95 (gosh, I sense another sarcastic remark coming on). And then FDPG, who has a penchant for taking her fat little purse everywhere, scooped up this thermometer squirrel - for $1, down from $23.95 (we were giddy at this point, lemme tell you). If you look carefully at the picture you can see why: he has a slight chip at the bottom of his leaf.

But FDPG doesn't care. She loves him. And every morning she asks him "What temperature is it, Mr Squirrel?" Then she comes upstairs and tells me. And now I'm telling you.

Oh, and by the way, that red metallic tape that I bought for $1? It seems to be extremely effective so far. One side is silver, the other shiny red, and it makes a shivery noise when the wind blows it. It took some getting used to, though. We've all had more than a few moments when we've jumped at the feeling of it suddenly whispering in the wind. Kind of spooky.

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Heather said...

My mom has had a big pot of Baby's tears on her front step for the last several years. One year my youngest son could not stop petting it, fondling it, (not-so-gently) stroking its softness and Baby's tears were looking quite shabby by the end of our visit. My mom took to calling it Gramma's tears because she was very sad to see her poor plant suffer so. ;-)