Monday, March 9, 2009

Plant Tags

Finally, something to do with all that weird foam board people give us. FDPG has accumulated a ton of this stuff, mostly from people who don't know what to give her on her birthday. I know, I know, there is a whole sub-culture dedicated to this stuff, and I know I could find 4 zillion amazing craft ideas if I wanted to, but something in this stuff repels me. It's not as strangely compelling as this stuff was, either, so instead of wildly crafting our days away with it, it tends to get shunted to the back of the craft box.

But I digress.

(today I celebrate the foam board, not denigrate it)

This morning I was hauling out some books for a session of Garden Mania when the words PLANT TAG caught my eye. I don't know why or how, but suddenly a picture of a coloured wooden stick with some fakeplasticycutoutvegetables on it appeared in my mind. (really, it did) Aha! I thought, finally a use for all that weird foam board.

So I hauled out the wooden sticks, the glue, an indelible marker and that foam board. Boy, did we have a lot of colours. Perfect for all those red carrots, yellow beets, and yellow pear tomatoes we're about to grow. We outlined, clipped, examined seed packets to check verisimilitude, and thought long and hard about what colour matched which vegetable best...well, FDPG some of us did.

Plus, it's something fun for the twins. I often worry that they are dragged up to the level of their older brother a bit more than they'd like, in my never-ending quest to keep them all interested when we do group activities. And this was a pleasantly arty hour, drawing and cutting and gluing and writing in gold pens. I'm not sure how they'll survive the outside weather, but they should do just fine in the seed starter bins.

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