Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pink Moon Ramblings

I was sitting around today, as we mothers are wont to do, contemplating how no one but me ever changes the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder, when my gaze was arrested. Arrested, I tell you. More than it usually is. By this very photo.

I too have one of the items in this little tableau. I won't tell you which one it is, but I am willing to bet that the next photo will give you a very large clue.

Warning, one of these photos shows this item in a less, err, flattering light.

Can you guess which item it is?


My name is Sheila and I am a Clutterer. I take perfectly good household items and turn them into objets d'ubious utility.

(Not to mention having a weird penchant for Dangerous Use of Equipment stickers in foreign languages)


Fiddler said...

You could start a meme. I'm sure I could find an online beautiful picture of my desk. And then the "real" picture of the two stacks of miscellaneous books, dvds, air pump (?), clipboard, plus the inverted tower of cds topped by. . . okay I'm just going to have to take a photo because it's too hard to describe what's currently taking over every square centimeter of my desk except where the keyboard and mouse are.

Your Companion in Clutter.

Suji said...

LOL...may I join the club of clutterers? But I must admit I try to declutter more often than I try to home educate. I would gladly declare a holiday if it meant I could spend the day having less clutter. The only spot I just cannot attack is our coffeetable. We currently have 9 texts, about 300 pieces of paper in all sorts of states of matter, a jacob's ladder, a bowl of Hershey's pieces, a sorry looking comb, 2 Netflix envelopes (without discs), a cipher wheel and this laptop.

Fiddler said...

Aha! Too much homeschooling, not enough decluttering. That must be what's going on in our house. {snicker}

The house was soooooooooo neat and clean back in September & October, though, so maybe that is it. (Though I suspect a generally chaotic lifestyle might have something to do with it.) In the interest of full disclosure, we haven't used our workboxes for weeks because they're too filled with crap right now. Sigh. After my last concert I will attack the clutter. I will, I will, I will.

sheila said...

Ah, the Clutterers Club. Sounds like something from a Sherlock Holmes story (and way more romantic and cool, too).

We have a very cluttered house, all except for the bits where my dh's stuff is. He is weirdly tidy and likes to point this out to me regularly. Every so often I think "my kids are going to remember me as a friendly Bag Lady" and despair. Then I see something out in the garden that needs weeding...

Suji said...

He he, looks like we need a Clutterers and Weeders Anonymous! It will be fun. Friendly bag lady with a wicked green thumb, a workboxing violin virtuoso and a blogger who can't stop fiddling with her blog's html!

sheila said...

I suspect more will come out of the woodwork, too. There's a reason most people don't post photos of their working spaces on their blogs, and I don't think it's anything to do with privacy!

The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a Clutterers Club. It's the sort of place where I would never feel inadequate, because I, I am a Master Clutterer.