Friday, April 30, 2010

A Magic 8 Ball Movie?

According to this site, it is so. A Magic 8 Ball movie? Will it be as filled with madcap mayhem as, say, Brendan Fraser's newly opened movie Furry Vengeance? (better not be, says Sheila the Movie Snob) Will it be scary, perhaps, like The Mummy, one of Brendan Fraser's other movies? (oooh, that sounds good, I like movies about mummies, says Sheila the Movie Snob) Or perhaps more in the line of Spy Kids, where flying Magic 8 Balls, animated by two Clever & Apparently Parentless Kids, rule the day? Wacky criminals chasing them encounter Hilarious Flying Retribution? Oh, the possibilities! (Sheila the Movie Snob looks the other way, slightly pained) Or, and this is the best scenario of all, will it involve a Tardis and a Doctor? Maybe the Magic 8 Ball could BE the Doctor, complete with alien antennae (see accompanying sketch, all rights reserved).

So, to that end, we here at Greenridge Chronicles took an informal poll. The question was:

Will There Really Be A Magic 8 Ball Movie? Or Will It Be Derailed By Dimwitted Hollywood Executives?

We polled FDPG, who put on her Thinking Cap and predicted that yes, there would be a Magic 8 Ball movie. And that it would be filled with witty witty hilarity. She chortled at the very idea of such a thing.

We polled the Teenager, who also put on his Thinking Cap. His response was more along the lines of "How are they going to make a movie about a Magic 8 Ball?"

(and there might have been a little bit of "You aren't going to use this picture for your blog are you let me see if my face is in that picture it better not make me look stupid" in there too but for purely marketing purposes we won't include those remarks)

We polled a mini Magic 8 Ball. As you can see its answer was No Doubt. We were not clear if it was referring to the pop group and how it would like the soundtrack of the movie to include the music of No Doubt, and it wouldn't give us a different answer when we posed that question, so we will leave this as a Definite Maybe.

We asked a Build A Bear cat, who was initially far too involved in his Doctor Who Creatures & Demons journal to listen carefully, even when we put a Magic 8 Ball on the journal. The Pilotfish Santas were gripping his rather overactive cat imagination, we think. So we asked him if he'd like to see a Pilotfish Santa in the Magic 8 Ball movie. "Only if I get a ride in the Tardis," was his response. "But it's a movie about Magic 8 Balls," we protested, "there won't be any Tardises in the movie!"(or should that be Tardii?)

"Then no, there won't be a Magic 8 Ball movie," he snorted. "Who would want to see a movie about Magic 8 Balls when they could see a movie about the Doctor? And Pilotfish Santas?"

We could see this informal poll was getting a bit bogged down, so we moved on...

We polled a Genuine Magic 8 Ball, but his answer was veiled in pessimism (and weird white bubbles) and all we got from this ball was the words Very Doubtful.

Never ask an old ball to play new tricks...

We even polled a Magic 8 Ball pen (at this point you might be wondering why we have so many Magic 8 Ball items, mightn't you? good question but we have no good answers at this time. try again later).

Its answer was also veiled in mystery. As in: we couldn't get the stupid white cube thing to settle on anything. We kept getting a 5 pointed star. We took that to mean "YES! And it'll be a 5 star marvel!"

Finally, we asked some penguins, because, as you might remember, some penguins recently featured in a major hit movie franchise and several sequels, not to mention getting their own Christmas special on DVD, and who would have thought penguins could have been so hilarious? The penguins said "Yes, as long as the Magic 8 Ball doesn't upstage us, or take away from our residuals. Can we get a cameo?"

So there you go: There will definitely maybe be a Magic 8 Ball movie. And it may or may not have a sequel or two. Or three. Never underestimate the hunger of the Hollywood Executive.

Over and out, from here at Greenridge Poll Factory. Back to you, Sheila the Movie Snob!

Sheila the Movie Snob: Hmm, okay, well, I'll reserve judgement on this thing till I see the finished product. But if they ruin a perfectly good Magic 8 Ball, or use trite Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, J-Lo, Miley Cyrus, or anyone from High School Musical in this film, I will scream. I really will. And set those damn penguins on them (Rico, get some explosives ready...we might need them).


Rebecca said...

A magic 8 ball movie.

Now, that's something I could get behind.

har har har.

Rebecca said...

P.S. I notice the penguins are also "behind the 8 ball" (in case no one caught my joke!!!).

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh.

I can't believe I'm the only person to make the "behind the eight ball" connection.

Or is it just so corny, people were too kind to say anything?

(what a scasion)

sheila said...

Dear witty Rebecca, you are assuming people actually READ my blog.

(sheila heaves a deep sigh)

Rebecca said...

I'm people.

I think.

imolizen: just like that.

sheila said...

Darling R, you ARE people, but unless you or I comment on your comment...oh wait, I could comment, couldn't I? (lights go on in Sheila's teeny little brain)

That was HYSTERICAL! HILARIOUS! Gosh, you're funny.

Sorry. I'm a little slow.

pishkio! (oh I live for these words)

Rebecca said...

I wasn't going to reply (lil ms. sarcastic) but I had to share this.