Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday

What we're doing today:

Learning masculine and feminine nouns in French. Had a rather hilarious experience when asking the kids to pronounce "qu'est-ce que c'est" for me.

Reading Alain de Bottom's The Consolations of Philosophy, Anthony Lane's Nobody's Perfect (but AL is), and Martha Stewart Magazine (May issue) in the bath. End of the day pleasures.

Made three horse blankets for Webkinz horses. Much nice sewing for small things - it's satisfyingly quick and more fun embellishing. One blanket is a rather fancy brown upholstery with glittery red trim.

Listening to Melvin Bragg's In Our Time podcast about Boudicca. Some historians are not sure she even existed. Strangely gripping.

Had a very long and deeply serious discussion about the new Companion. None of us are happy. She lacks something - charisma? character? depth? Something, anyways. We miss Donna. And we all want to be Weeping Angels for Halloween. And I can't seem to stop thinking about Waters of Mars.

Listened to a weirdly well thought-out comparison of Rage Against The Machine albums. Never thought I'd be in this sort of position. Mind you, I'm still getting used to the terms "vids" and "mini-figs" (videos & mini-figures, respectively). I'm heading towards Kidsthesedays Territory, methinks.

Made some really amazing peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies and added something new: espresso powder. Then, right before I was going to put them in blobs on the cookie tray, realized that I'd been so busy giving the butter and peanut butter a damn good whip I'd forgotten the sugar. Tasted them. Not anywhere near as bad as I'd expected, so kept it on the bittersweet side of things with less sugar and let the espresso powder and the chocolate chips do the talking.

Finished The Merlin Conspiracy and started Peter and the Starcatchers. Listened to Dominic say "I didn't really understand what was going on half the time. And when I thought he was a girl it turned out he was a boy." (talking about Merlin) Didn't go there. I didn't really understand what was going on half the time either, but it was evidently more fun for me than it was for Dominic. He likes his fun rather more obvious.

Tried to find a Christmas carol with the word "trim" in it to illustrate something in an Explode the Code book. Thought Deck The Halls might have had something but no.

Admired my new rose - an early Mother's Day present from my mother (I gave her a variegated blood-twig dogwood, some skimmia japonicas, and a viburnum in an oak barrel). It's a David Austen rose. I think I might be a little too obsessed with his roses; every time I see a selection in a garden centre I feel compelled to buy one. The worst thing is I very idiotically tend to go for names to which I attribute Meaningful Things in my life, like The Constant Gardener ("Oh look! that could be me," I think) or Gentle Hermione ("Aw, a rose to remind FDPG of Hermione Granger," I think). This one's called Crown Princess Margareta. I don't know why I went for a Crown Princess, unless it's some secret submerged desire to have a cushy life with servants, tiaras, and state dinners. It's going to go up and over the arbour I made with my opposable thumbs a couple of weeks ago. Assuming I don't give it a castle somewhere first. And maybe a long gown or two. Some lobsters on a silver salver? A butler? A pedicure?


Heather said...

Shelia, I'm sure I've heard Harry Connick Jr. sing something about 'trim' or 'trimming' in one of the Christmas songs he does but have you heard the Whos' (that would be the Dr Suess Whos) Christmas song?

Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff
Like bingle balls, and whofoo fluff

Etc., etc....

sheila said...

OF COURSE! That's where I was remembering it from! Jeez, I even used it as a message in a Christmas card one year. Thanks Heather! Uh-oh, no I have it in my head, rolling around merrily...

Phoenix32 said...

I disagree about the new companion. My kids kind of love her. I also miss Donna, but I think Amy's got something. I was very skeptical about this new Doctor, but after watching him match wits against the Weeping Angels, I think he's won me over fully. I think he's eased into the role a bit and no longer looks as much like he's surprised to be there or like he's trying (and failing) to match Tennant's style and impossibly perfect comic timing.

sheila said...

Really? I wish I could feel the way you do. We do like the new Doctor. He's no DT but he's fun. Amy, though, neh. We won't be sorry when she goes.