Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Chimes

Narrated by Someone Who Likes Pretending That They Are David Attenborough

"Here we have two wind chimes: one made of wood and one made of steel. One crafted from the wild strands of bamboo growing in a muddy pool; the other made in a hellish furnace, from the sweat of Man's Noble Brow.

They hang, on these hooks, awaiting a gust of wind to animate them. The sun is high in the sky. We sit. And watch."

"Some of us get a little bored, so we do silly things with the camera, like taking pictures upside down. It passes the time.

The noble time."

"And then, the moment we have been waiting for (all 400 crew members, camera people, set designers, caterers, etc etc etc).

The bee arrives.

She chooses the wild crafted pipes of bamboo, echoing softly in the gentle afternoon breezes. Is it purely random, or is she hoping for music to lull her babes to sleep? Will we ever know?"
(at this point David turns to the camera and looks ever so earnestly into its lens)

"And there you have it, Nature's Worker, going about her way in life, quietly, softly, without fuss or fanfare. Quite amazing, really, when you think of how our own species brings it own offspring into existence."


sheila said...

OMG. Don't you have some children that need tending, or something? David Attenborough my foot. Leave those bees alone!

Erin said...

We have a few of David's DVDs around the house; it was remarkably easy to hear the audio as I read along;-) Although you pointed something new out for me...I really was quite convinced that it was just my son, David and myself in the Amazon, looking up at the those jaguars in the trees;-) Film crew?! Really?!

I love the industriousness of those bees. They have made some appearances at our house, too. Inside, in the pre-drilled holes under our table!

Are more coming??

Samantha said...

David rocks! Whenever I am immersed in nature, his voice is the one I hear. I grew up with his shows and he is a hero of mine.

Samantha said...

p.s. for some reason, when you said 'hellish furnace' and 'sweat', I picture Clive O with his shirt off. Weird.

sheila said...

Erin, they probably disguised the crew as trees and vines when you were there. I think they are used to standing silent and still, so what's a few fronds between friends?

Samantha! Where have you been? Get thine edger out this minute and send me more pictures!

Clive? Gosh, I wonder where THAT image came from? Grimy, streaked with sweat? muscles bulging? looking grim in the way only he can? maybe some black jeans, ripped, dirty...wait! I'll go make some lemonade. Maybe he'll show up if I do.

Samantha said...

I am here! I am just busy busy busy. I hurt my arm (from edging too much?? Or should I blame the yoga?), then I went to Calgary, then my husband came home so we've been spending oodles of time together, meaning less computer time for me.

Let me know if Clive comes by. I should probably supervise his workmanship.