Thursday, May 6, 2010

Garden Thursday?

I hope you can see this picture. Click on it if you can't. From this angle the print looks very very small, but that might just be because I have terrible eyesight when things are very very small. And no, I don't need glasses. Why do you ask?

I planted my Crown Princess Margareta Rose the other day. Under an arbour. In the sun. She looks very happy. Then I sat down and contemplated the photo that accompanied the rose for a while, and wondered what led me to get a rose named Crown Princess Margareta. Then, the clouds parted, a ray of sun hit me, and with a bang, I knew it was a Sign. A Sign of the direction my life should be moving.

So, with that in mind, I created this new Life Map for myself. All the essentials are there: champagne, tiara, arbour, heavily blooming rose, butler. I even gave the butler David Tennant hair. If I have to be looking at him all day he might as well be nice to look at, right?

I've even got FDPG calling me Crown Princess, but the boys are being a bit resistant. They say they need bribing. "How about a ride in my moat on one of my pet crocodiles," I asked them, giving them my best gimlet eye, but they weren't very intimidated. Never mind, I can set David Tennant on them (and yes, I plan on calling the butler David Tennant no matter what his name is).


Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humour, Sheila. Thanks for a good start to my day.
I would like Daniel Craig for my butler please.

sheila said...

Oh, certainly, Nicola! With or without bathing suit? He could be like Venus rising from the waves.

(ooh, that sounds rude)