Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Smell Of Spring

Richard went off to work this morning on his bicycle instead of the car. He likes doing this. And we were out of milk, which meant that we had to have Americanos instead of our usual latté. Richard the House Barista was a little more, err, energetic this morning, and when I sipped my Americano I saw why:

He made them long and strong, with a touch of sugar and whipping cream. Emphasis on the word strong. I'd woken up early because of a dream, and hadn't gone back to sleep right away, so I was really groggy when I finally stumbled into the kitchen (and feeling guilty because getting milk for morning coffee is my job). A few sips of this giant Americano and I woke up rather faster than I usually do.

Then Richard went off to work, leaping down the front steps and sniffing madly, loudly, enthusiastically. "It smells like spring today doesn't it?" he said delightedly.

All I could smell was espresso. In my nose. Spring, I thought, smells like espresso.

Oh, and before I forget, look at this pop I found. Dandelion and burdock pop. Classic dandelion and burdock pop (see the word at the bottom of the can? what does classic mean in this case? I wonder). Isn't that just the charmingest thing you've seen so far today? I will drink it and tell you what it tastes like, but at the moment my guess is that it is sweet and fizzy and that taste is probably irrelevant with all that sugar and fizz. But still, dandelion and burdock pop! Classic.


Heather said...

Oooh, I really, really want to try that. Oh but wait, I don't drink pop! But wait, I will if I can try that kind! Do be sure to tell what it tastes like.

Anonymous said...

Did you drink it??!! :-)